Rawson Helderberg offers a lifetime partnership pledge


As part of their commitment to providing comprehensive property advice and sales service to their community, the RawsonProperty Helderberg Sales franchises is now offering a lifetime partnership commitment to all their clients. This offering reinforces the franchises’ dedication to being more than just your neighborhood experts, but also partners in navigating all real estate-related issues, questions and concerns.

“We have found, over the years, that the public tends to view estate agents as once-off service providers,” says franchisee, Schalk van der Merwe. “This is possibly because there has traditionally been a lot of staff turnover in the industry & low level of professionalism, which makes it difficult to build lasting valuable relationships with agents. We proud ourselves, in our Somerset West, Gordon’s Bay and Strand franchises, to have exceptional sales partner retention with exceptional high level of professionalism. 

For members of the public curious as to what having a lifetime real estate partner means, van der Merwe details a few of the services his team plans to offer.

“It’s not just about buying and selling properties,” he explains, “although we’ll certainly be providing those services as well. It’s more about the experience and advice we can share on tangential issues relating to property ownership and investment. We want to help people make the most of their properties, on a day-to-day basis as well as in the long term.” In order to achieve this, van der Merwe’s sales partners will assist their clients in three core areas: property values, legal issues, and the necessary information for their investment decisions.

“On the valuation front, we will provide access to information on residential properties anywhere in South Africa, and assist in providing the necessary information for their investment decisions, as well as facilitate in the appointment of trustworthy rental asset managers where possible,” he says. “We’ll also provide insights into home improvements from a market value perspective, and even assist in municipal valuation disputes in the event of an unreasonable rates adjustment for property owners.”

Legal advice will include things like residential lease and sales agreements, along with referrals to experienced attorneys if the situation demands. 

“We’re also well versed in issues like potential sub-divisions, servitude rights and property-based neighbour disputes,” says van der Merwe, “and can be a valuable ally in a sensitive situation.”

As for investment advice, van der Merwe explains that their pledge will include more than just assistance in selecting the right property. 

We also have invaluable insights into which areas are experiencing the best growth trends, and what kinds of rentals can be expected based on area, property type and condition,” he says.

With this kind of support on offer, you’d be forgiven for wondering what would be required of you, as a member of the public, in return.

“Honestly, we’re not looking for anything more than the chance to add value to the services we already provide,” says van der Merwe. “We encourage our clients to contact us first if they are looking to buy or sell in any area, and to let us know if we can be of assistance to their family or friends. Our value offering isn’t intended to tie them into this, however – it’s more a sign of our commitment to being the type of partner that they’ll want to use on an ongoing basis.”

All previous clients of the Rawson Properties Helderberg Group (comprised of the Somerset West, Gordon’s Bay and Strand franchises) qualify for a Lifetime Real Estate Partnership Commitment from their sales partner of their choice. 

For more information, email marketing@rawsonproperties.com or visit www.rawson.co.za for the latest market tips and industry news.


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