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It’s the final countdown to 2017! And prepping and planning for New Year’s Eve is well under way. If you’re hosting a party or just spending yours in the comfort your home this year, make sure you add these touches for an unforgettable night.

1. Invite your neighbours

Don’t know your neighbours? Well, then invite them to your New Year’s Eve party or around for an early evening, sunset drink. We can’t think of a better occasion to get to know your neighbour and to raise a glass to the New Year.

If you’re having an intimate party with only select friends and family, then make sure you inform your neighbours, particularly if you live in an apartment block or a semi-attached property – it’s the right thing to show your neighbours that you have considered them!

2. Set a playlist  

Music is essential to any party, and New Year’s Eve is no different. If you’re playing the DJ on the evening, organise your playlist in such a way that the music starts off with some festive tunes which builds to an upbeat rhythm for the final countdown, before slowing down after midnight. Don’t forget to turn down the music after the clock has struck 12 – no one wants to be that neighbour who has a rave in their lounge until the early hours of the first day of a new year.  

3.  Create an ambiance  

There’s just something magical about soft lightening – it sets a warm, cosy and magical tone (and it’s just the thing you want for a New Year’s Eve Party at home). So, set up some fairy lights and/or candles throughout your home and back garden, and create an ambiance that your guests will talk about for all of 2017!

4. Have sparkling wine on ice

Raising a toast to the New Year is what the evening is all about! So, make sure you have enough sparkling wine and non-alcoholic sparkling wine for your guests. And don’t forget to bring it out at least a few minutes before the countdown so that you can top people’s glasses up before midnight.

5. Play some games

There’s nothing worse at a New Year’s Eve party than waiting for midnight to arrive! So take the drag out of waiting and bring some light-hearted fun in by playing games with your guests – depending on the amount of people, you might need to set up a few stations where people can pass the time playing games and having fun (it’s also a great way to get your guests to know one another). Think: 30 Seconds, Balderdash, Cranium, card games, Jenga and more.

6. Food, delicious food

There’s no need to plan an elaborate meal for your New Year’s Eve party, but it’s important to make sure that your guests aren’t left hungry while they wait midnight and the New Year to arrive. So, serve hearty bites like mini hamburgers, pizzas or samoosas and easy to serve chip and dip.

Happy New Year from us at Rawson!

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