Warm up your property value


The dead of winter isn’t just “deadly” on exposing fingers, toes and your nose – believe it or not, it can also have a freezing effect on the value of property. Yes, unfortunately averse weather has a knack of highlighting all those cold cracks of a home… and we’re not just talking about rising damp and leaks, but all those elements that cause your home to look and feel like the arctic.

Fortunately, though, warming up your home doesn’t need to take millions of rands or an entire winter season to do. Follow these six easy and affordable ideas that will undoubtedly turn up the heat on your property’s value and potential buyers’ interest.

1. Green heat  

Buyers nowadays are as concerned about energy consumption as the safety aspects of a potential new home (need we mention the electricity hikes?). So, make it easy for them to choose your home over another by installing economical and energy-efficient elements in your home, such a energy-saving wall panel heaters (these nifty, inexpensive warmers blend in on walls and brings a lot of heat at very little cost) as well as solar panels that can help you save as much as 80% on water-heating bills. It’s a winter-win all round!  

2. Carpet-diem

While tiles might be a trouble-free, affordable flooring option, it can send shivers down potential buyers’ spines (and not in the Grease “You’re the one that I want” kind of way…). Rather create a warm, inviting space by investing in and laying down a lush carpet or rug in the central living area. Also ensure that the carpets in the rooms are in good condition, and replace those dingy ones if necessary. You’ll be surprised how much warmth it’ll add to your home and how much it can help your asking price.

3. Colour me warm

A simple coat of paint can not only add value to your property, but also warm it up in an instant. We’re not saying that you should paint your entire lounge fire-red; instead opt for neutral, warmer tones such as variation of cream-white or milky-beige on interior walls for an all round cosier effect. Alternatively, create winter-warmer accent space by painting one wall in a room with earthy hues such as duck egg, moss green or pastel brown.

4. Light it up!

Adequate lighting is important, especially during winter when the days are shorter and evenings longer. One easy, inexpensive way to bring warmth into your home is to ensure that all your light fixtures work properly and are fitted with warm-white bulbs instead of the cool-white ones. And while you’ve got the electrician around, ask him to install a few dimmers in the lounge area – this can help create a deliciously warm (and romantic) mood and enhance your home’s appeal to even the coldest of hearts.

Alternatively, invest in good light fittings that will add plenty of warmth to your home – an inviting chandelier in your entrance hall gives just the right impression to guests and prospective buyers.

For darker, colder homes, consider installing a skylight, so that those warm, sunny winter days can radiate throughout your home.

5. Insulation station

It seems pretty obvious, but so many homes aren’t well equipped to guard its inhabitants against the winter-chills. There are various different insulation types at different costs, including fibreglass, rockwool and cellulose fibre blankets, which can be placed in your ceiling to keep the warmth in during the cold days and heat out in sweltering summer days. In addition, make sure that all windows and doors are sealed properly against an icy breeze. It’s often those things that are hidden from the naked eye that can make your property all the more appealing!

6. Lawn and order

It might be cold outside, but it doesn’t mean the great outdoors can’t add to the warmth or value of your home. A few ever-green trees and shrubs will keep your garden looking exotic during those bare winter months, while a good weeding, mowing and pruning will instantly improve your backyard and property price. Don’t have a garden? Simply add a few colourful pots or planter boxes with herbs, perennials or succulents to your balcony or in your home.

Do you have any additional tips on how you keep your home warm during the cold winter months? Please share them with us in the comment box below – we would love to hear from you!

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