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Keen to give your home decor – and wellbeing – a refresh but not too sure where to begin? Indoor plants can make a massive difference to your living space and mental health. Not only is it a green and mindful way to boost your interior decoration, but it’s also easy to incorporate.

Make an entrance
Step into a lush paradise when you come home by dressing up a wall feature near the door. If you have a mirror or frame in this area, vines and climbing plants are perfect to wrap around it. This will keep the leaves off the floor and add some character to your entranceway.

Kitchen sanctuarybakd-raw-by-karolin-baitinger-m_dWdvTCvYc-unsplash
Indoor plants absorb sound in loud spaces, so they are perfect for a kitchen. Style your countertops with pot plants and flowers to brighten up the space and add a nice scent to the air. Don’t keep them all one size or at the same height. Place larger plants next to dainty succulents, and fill those empty shelves or unused nooks with trailing plants. Hanging planters from the ceiling is another way to add something extra to the room.

Quick tip – get a Spider Plant. They are so easy to care for that even those with a black thumb will struggle to kill it! It’s especially great if you have kids or pets because it’s non-toxic.

Lush lounge
When it comes to plant decor, more is more, so don’t hold back! If your lounge is small, place an indoor tree (such as a Fiddle Leaf Fig or Bird of Paradise) near a window, with smaller plants on tables and shelves. By doing so, your eye will be drawn across the room to the window, making the space appear larger than it is.

Windowsills, trolleys and bar carts are excellent ways to show off your collection. You can also elevate your displays by using unusual containers or old kitchen drawers mounted to a wall. Don’t be afraid to group plants of different sizes, colours and textures – it’ll create interest and add to your luscious jungle vibe.


Office oasis
Plants are an excellent way to keep you calm and grounded, so adding greenery to your home office is a no-brainer. Put them on your desk, on top of filing cabinets or up high on a shelf. Bigger plants create excellent focal points, so choose something dramatic, like a Delicious Monster, for the corner of your room.

Two excellent desktop plants include the Snake Plant (or in Afrikaans - ‘skoonma se tong’), perfect for those who have allergies because it eliminates dust and other particles by adding moisture to the air, and the Zebra Plant – a funky, stripey plant that adds a pop of pizzazz.



Sweet dreams
Give your bedroom a glow up with indoor plants. They eliminate toxins and improve air quality, lower stress levels and can encourage deeper sleep. We love Aloe Vera for this exact reason. Peace lilies are also excellent at absorbing carbon dioxide and filtering unpleasant odours. Match your plant pots to your home decor and style them on empty shelves, on a stool or hang a floating shelf above your window and let them go wild!



Your zen den
Bring your bathroom to life with plant decor. Large, tropical plants flourish here due to thesteven-ungermann-Aac7IlKnYX8-unsplash humidity and look lovely in statement pots. We also like trailing plants, such as the Heartleaf Philodendron or Golden Pothos, for this purpose. They can be used to create a striking overhead canopy, turning your bathroom into a paradise. Hanging plants will also add to the interior decoration.


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