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Are you living in a rental or shared space and struggling to add personal touches without doing renovations, repainting, drilling holes or making permanent changes to the property? We have a few creative and budget-friendly ideas that will help you feel more settled and comfortable in your new environment!

Renting gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom to change your living or working situation and has very few of the downsides linked to owning a property, like repair bills and maintenance. But how do you make that space feel like your own, especially when the lease agreement is strict about what you can and can’t do? Keep reading to see our top tips.

This is not a drill!
Simple changes like replacing old door and draw handles or doorknobs with modern, cottagecore or vintage options can instantly enhance the appeal of your space. You can do the same with the taps in your kitchen and bathrooms or the light switch covers. Just remember to keep the old hardware somewhere safe so that when you do move out, you can swap everything back.

Bright ideas
Sometimes a shared space or a rental will have standard light fixtures or bright white bulbsinterior-decoration-inspired-by-mexican-folklore installed. These are easy to replace with mood lighting or a statement piece, like a chandelier, that reflects your interior decorating style and adds a personal touch. Floor and table lamps or candles and fairy lights can also give your place a cosier and more lived-in feel.

Chairing is caring
Don’t wait for your dream home to buy the chair or table you want! While it can be tempting to opt for inexpensive furniture, investing in high-quality pieces that bring you joy can make a big difference to how you view your space. Consider getting things you know will stand the test of time and make sure that they can be dismantled or easily moved when your lease is up. 

Blend the rules

Are the stark white walls of your rental or shared space starting to feel a bit too institutional for your liking? If you are not allowed to repaint or do renovations, think of this blank slate as a base to add colour to your place. Temporary wallpaper and custom vinyl decals are game-changers – both are easy to apply and remove and bring personality to a room without the commitment. 

You can also add colour by painting your furniture. This DIY project is simple, affordable and will make a big difference.


Bedder than the rest
One way to make your home more comfortable is by turning your bedroom into a sanctuary. If you have roommates, you will know that the key to sharing a space is occasionally getting out of that space – making the bedroom even more important.

Decorate the room with meaningful accessories, books and trinkets, and customise the space by changing out the curtains and investing in new bed linen. Choose a print, pattern, texture or colour that makes you feel happy and relaxed.

New roots
Nothing says “I live here!” like a plant and even the smallest succulent can bring much-needed colour and life into your home décor. Display your plants together to create a feature or scatter them around on shelves, windowsills and countertops. Container gardens are also a great way to brighten your kitchen, balcony or outside area.

It's a rug life

Not a fan of the tiles or the colour of the flooring? Instantly raise your comfort level by adding a rug (or several!) to a room. They can completely transform the look of a place and come in a multitude of patterns and textures, which can enhance your décor. Soft furnishings, like throws and scatter 2150711888cushions, can take a space from drab to fab.

Express yourself

Finally, one of the easiest ways you can make your space more comfortable is by incorporating art, photographs or decorations that reflect your personality and style. Whether it’s a print from your favourite painter, an ornate mirror (a good trick to make your space look bigger and brighter than it really is) or handmade mementoes you’ve picked up over the years, every detail will make a difference.

With a bit of creative thinking, you can dramatically transform your shared space or rental by focusing on small, impactful changes that reflect your individuality – without forfeiting your deposit.

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