'Tis the season to be selling



Of course, there’s no perfect time of year to sell your home. Each season and time of year comes with its own set of unique pros and cons. Yet there’s something about the festive season that is often over-looked by would-be property sellers. Perhaps it’s because it comes at the end of a year (when most people are feeling at the end of themselves) that a lot of sellers postpone thinking about putting their house on the market until the new year. 
But if you’re considering selling your home, here are five compelling reasons to not delay until after you’ve packed away the tinsel.

Buyers looking for a property during the holidays are usually serious about purchasing something, and this can often lead to a quick sale. The spring selling season is winding down, and many who’ve parted with their home are now on the hunt for their next property. There’s always a good number of people who missed out on their dream home and are hoping to close the deal before the end of the year.

This one especially applies to you if you live in an area that is frequented by tourists. Putting your home on the market during peak season, means you’ll benefit from a peak amount of foot traffic – including potential buyers from out of town.

Precisely because this is typically an unusual, inconvenient time to sell, the number of available houses for sale decreases. So you’ll benefit from standing out from the (often sparse) crowd of homes listed in your area. By January and February, property listings will surge once more, and demand for your property may dip.

There’s something about the end of year holidays that puts most people in a better, more positive and more generous mood, including potential buyers. With less work and more merriment, people generally feeling happier and more relaxed. What’s more, as people’s workload and commitments slow down, motivated buyers have much more time to search through properties that appeal to them and get out to see them.

The warmer seasons are ideal times to sell, as most homes really blossom and come to life in summer and spring. Creating a bright, cheerful and sunny setting for your property is the perfect gift wrapping for the season! If you decide to stage your home with Christmas decorations, use them sparingly to avoid crossing over into tacky territory.

So if you’re interested in listing your property over the festive season, find a local real estate agent with expert, up-to-date knowledge about how the holidays could affect your chances of a fast, profitable sale. You’ll also want to be sure that your chosen estate agent isn’t also on holiday during this time, so contact your local Rawson Neighbourhood Experts to get the ball rolling.


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