Six ways to make your home pinterest-worthy


Ever find yourself paging through décor magazines, watching home design shows and/or browsing Pinterest and style blogs, desperately wishing that the luxurious-looking houses you’re looking at are actually linked to your home address?

Well, daydream no more! Because you don’t need the budget of the Kardashians or the décor skills of an interior designer to give your home that Pinterest picture perfect look! Here’s how:

1. Add a splurge item or two

Interior designers all over the world agree on this one fundamental principal: approach the way you decorate your home as you would shop for your wardrobe. While your cupboard might contain a number of every day items, it should also feature one or two timeless investment pieces (such as shoes, coats and bags). So, don’t think twice about spending a little more on key pieces for your home like a dining room table and chairs, a sofa or a rug. Not only will it add some luxury to your home, but it will also last for many, many years. Trust us!

2. Layer it

One key aspect to making any home look Pinterest picture perfect is to add layers to different furnishes. Think: a grand blanket over a sofa or bed; magazines and candles decorating a coffee table; a plush rug on the wooden floor; large throw pillows on the sofa; and fabulous floor to ceiling curtains. Think about all those details that will give your home a personal yet elegant touch. But please keep in mind that that less is always more when it comes to décor – there’s no need to add 10 pillows when two will do the job (wink-wink).

3. Keep it classic

Ever noticed that most high-end homes featured in luxurious décor magazines are awash in neutrals? Walls and furnishings such as flooring (carpets, tiles or laminate wood), sofas and curtains in warm hues of white, beige and cream will make your home look and feel clutter-free, classic and comfy. Make use of accessories and art in bold colours to enhance the look and to allow the neutral base to stand out. Another trick is to paint your home’s interior doors black – the contrast between the clean neutral walls and the dark doors will do wonders to add a touch of elegance to any home. Oh, so Coco Chanel!

4. Create an illusion

Here’s a little secret: the bigger the rug in your lounge, the bigger the room looks. The higher the curtains hang in your bedroom, the higher the ceiling feels. True story! It’s all about creating the illusion of a bigger, more luxurious home. And there are many other ways you can optically extend the size of a room and, so, give it that plush feel: extend the height of cupboards or kitchen cabinets to the ceiling; build shelves or stack bookshelves that reach the roof; and add floor to ceiling mirrors.  Voila – your home will look bigger and more luxurious instantaneously!

5. Get it down to a fine art

We can’t deny that art is the one accessory that can take your home from drab to dazzling. Here are a few tips to making sure you find the right kind of art for your space:

1) Evaluate your style: what art are you attracted to? Abstract, photography, oil paintings or illustrations?

2) Match your art style with the décor of the room: classic spaces mix well with photography and traditional paintings, while contemporary and modern areas are better suited for abstract works.

3) Browse around: flea markets are great for picking up bargains. Local online stores such as Superbalist, Etsy and Mono Shop are also good spots for finding affordable printed artwork.

4) Frame it right: keep it simple and neutral so that the art (and not the frame) stands out.

5) Find a focal point in a room where you can hang art: you want your art to steal the show, after all.

6. Light up your home

Nothing can make or break a room’s status as much as the lighting… So, make the right kind of impression with a shiny chandelier in the entrance hall, a beautiful light fixture over the dining room table or an interesting lamp in the lounge. Remember to use bulbs that emit soft light instead of harsh florescent light – it’ll help make your home feel warmer, brighter and fairer.

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