Rawson Property Group’s knowledge-sharing wins big at Global Brands Awards



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Early June saw the Rawson Property Group recognised for the third year in a row at the prestigious, international Global Brands Awards 2019. Held by Global Brands Awards Magazine, the annual event recognises exception national and international brands in Real Estate, Banking/Finance, Technology, Hospitality, Insurance, Investment, Lifestyle and more.

This year, the Rawson Property Group took the title in a total of three categories, namely Best Real Estate Marketing Brand (South Africa), Most Innovative Real Estate Brand (South Africa) and the coveted Best Real Estate Brand (South Africa). These awards join several from previous years, including Most Innovative Real Estate Brand (South Africa) 2017 and 2018, and Best Real Estate Marketing Brand (South Africa) 2018.

According to Debbie Reabow, the Rawson Property Group’ Brand and Communications Manager, being recognised alongside giants like Samsung, Oxford University and Tencent Holdings is always a humbling experience. However, local or international recognition has never been a primary driver for this South African brand’s unique approach to property.

“From the very beginning, our mission has been about more than just providing top quality real estate services,” says Reabow. “Our founder, Bill Rawson, has always believed very passionately in the incredible potential of property as an investment, and that buyers and sellers deserve easy, obligation-free access to the information necessary to unlock that potential. As such, we’ve worked very hard to become a trusted partner and source of honest advice and support throughout a person’s real estate journey – a goal that has shaped our marketing and communications strategies for many years.”

Reabow says this customer-centric dynamic and commitment to informing Rawson and non-Rawson customers alike, has been integral to the Group’s success over the last four decades. It is also believed to have played an important role in the company’s Global Brands Award marketing win.

“Modern customer service is all about empowering clients – helping them make good choices, now and in the long-term,” she says. “We believe marketing should be an extension of this – a useful and informative service, rather than a sales pitch. That’s always been our approach at Rawson, but modern technology means we’re now able to do it more effectively – and with a far wider reach – than ever before.”

Indeed, the Rawson Property Group is well known for embracing cutting-edge, consumer-facing and behind-the-scenes technology to improve the services they provide to the public. These tools include a powerful agent portal, an industry-leading website and a revolutionary valuation tool. 

“We’re particularly proud of our valuation tool for its ability to bridge the gap between statistical data and agents’ on-the-ground experience – something that is central to the Rawson approach to property,” says Reabow. “The way our valuations are compiled enables us to really explain the factors influencing a property’s value, rather than just handing homeowners a figure and expecting them to take our word for it. This kind of deeper understanding can be pivotal for homeowners, whether they’re considering a sale, a renovation or simply updating their insurance. It’s something we believe everyone should have access to, which is why our news, advice and valuations will always be complementary and obligation-free.”

There’s no doubt that property decisions are big decisions with far-reaching ramifications, and brands that make the process more accessible and less intimidating for homeowners are the way of the future. According to Reabow, awards like the Global Brands offer a valuable platform for industry-leaders to showcase their innovations in the pursuit of this goal, but ultimately, the success of one’s customers is the most fulfilling reward.

“Awards are always encouraging – they’re a sign that our efforts have not gone unnoticed – but our priority is creating happy clients,” she says. “We’re here to make sure our buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants are well-informed, well-prepared, and in the best possible position to take advantage of every property opportunity. It’s only through their success that we really succeed.”
For more information, email marketing@rawsonproperties.com or visit www.rawson.co.za for the latest market tips and industry news.


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