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18 March 2024

Thursday, 14 March marked a significant milestone for transformation in the real estate industry, as nine historically disadvantaged individuals were awarded and congratulated as new Rawson Franchise owners. This was the official launch of the PPRA and the Rawson Property Group’s latest initiative, inspired by a shared commitment to furthering real, sustainable transformation in the real estate industry.

Thato Ramaili, now officially appointed CEO of the PPRA, and Tony Clarke, MD of the Rawson Property Group, were joined by Deputy Minister of Human Settlements, Ms Pam Tshwete, and Chairman of the PPRA Board, Dr Steven Ngubeni. Also in attendance were numerous other dignitaries and representatives from the Department of Human Settlements, the PPRA, the Rawson Property Group, and various other stakeholders and organisations, a grouping reflective of a collaborative effort towards achieving transformation in the real estate industry.

To launch an initiative dubbed TNX - Transformation X - the Rawson Property Group awarded real estate franchises to nine historically disadvantaged individuals at zero entrance fee, packaged with a variety of grants, subsidies, and generous supplier discounts. In addition, startup funding and working capital have been secured and allocated by the PPRA and the Rawson brand. This comes with a commitment from the Rawson team to offer ongoing support, leadership, coaching and mentoring. 

New Rawson Franchisees with TNX Event Speakers
Pictured above: The nine new Rawson franchisees with Tony Clarke, MD of the Rawson Property Group; PPRA CEO, Thato Ramaili; Deputy Minister of Human Settlements, Ms. Pam Tshwete; and Chairman of the PPRA Board, Dr. Steven Ngubeni.

PPRA CEO Thato Ramaili expressed her excitement about this initiative, highlighting the need for the private sector to heed the call for transformation and to recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion, not just as moral imperatives, but as strategic imperatives. “By embracing diversity in all its forms, we unlock innovation, drive performance and create value for our stakeholders. So let us commit ourselves to this course, to accelerating transformation in the real estate sector, to scaling black businesses, to fostering entrepreneurship, and to building a more inclusive future for all. Together we can achieve remarkable things and leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.”

In a heartfelt thank you to Clarke and the Rawson team, Ramaili emphasised once again the importance of participation by the private sector. “This is what intentional collaboration looks like. This is what accelerated transformation looks like.”

Before introducing this first cohort of nine new franchisees, Managing Director of Rawson Property Group, Tony Clarke said this was just the beginning and acknowledged the significance of this initiative as a crucial advancement in a transformation agenda that has been hindered by various industry-related challenges.

Rawson Property Group MD Tony Clarke (1)“Today marks a significant milestone in our efforts to create a more inclusive and fair South African real estate sector. We acknowledge the obstacles that have hindered our progress toward transformation in the past and despite challenges, our commitment to meaningful change remains strong. The significant turnover of Historically Disadvantaged property practitioners, who enter and then exit our industry, presents a challenge to the anticipation of emerging leadership from within their ranks. True and sustainable transformation therefore emerges from the nurturing, mentoring, and coaching of business owners who are to become the future business leaders in our sector,” says Clarke.

Clarke emphasised that transformation is a fundamental objective and expresses a strong desire to facilitate the process for historically disadvantaged individuals to grow thriving real estate empires. He added that they wholeheartedly prioritise inclusivity, with 48% of the Rawson family being historically disadvantaged and a total of 65 franchises owned by historically disadvantaged individuals. 

“I urge all of you, including our government, industry peers, and communities, to come together and join this transformational journey. Let us work together to build a real estate sector that reflects the diversity and spirit of our nation.”, concluded Clarke. He reciprocated Ms Ramaili’s gratitude by acknowledging her crucial and revitalising contribution to the project, and emphasised the new Rawson franchisees’ pledge to pay it forward by recruiting and mentoring more entrants into the real estate sector. 

New franchisee Johnny Seloi addressed guests on behalf of this first cohort of TNX RawsonNew Franchisee Johnny Seloi congratulated by Rawson MD Tony Clarke (1) franchisees, expressing the significance of this opportunity and what it means in terms of establishing and growing his real estate business. “This programme truly is a game changer. The reason why I became a principal property practitioner last year was to change other people’s lives, to try and fight this unemployment rate, to give more young people like myself an opportunity to be part of this great industry. From working at home, now I have an opportunity to establish an office and build a team.” Seloi also expressed his excitement about the comprehensive Rawson training and compliance support offering he will now have access to, making it easier for him to operate not just effectively, but within the necessary legal and compliance parameters.

Deputy Minister of the Department of Human Settlements, Ms Pam TshweteAddressing the new Rawson franchise owners, Deputy Minister of Human Settlements, Pam Tshwete said “Today indeed is a great day for me and the Department, as well as the real estate industry, because future generations will grow inspiration when they reflect on the trailblazers and trendsetters in our midst. They are living examples of transformation, when so many are still just feeling cheated. We affirm that you have chosen a noble path, and you should not give up when it gets tough. Exploit this opportunity, go out boldly and make waves. Work diligently, make money and grow.” 

“Whenever challenges arise, make use of support from your Rawson Property Group mentors. Above all, remember to open the doors and lift others when you are established. Don’t go up alone. Take the queue from Rawson, they are taking you up and you must also take others up with you.” 

Dr Steven Ngubeni, Chairman of the PPRA, also took the opportunity to focus on the larger transformation agenda : “Tony, you are the most human, human. I want to express an appreciation of what may seem a simple gesture that you have made, but transcends that because of the impact on the broader national agenda in this country, which is the transformation issue. It’s not only affecting real estate, it’s affecting society at large and it means a lot and it goes a long way.”

Ngubeni continued to state his excitement that this is not a project that starts and ends with the awarding of nine franchisees with franchise businesses. “What we see today actually planted a seed of hope and said that this is not an impossible project. Today we are here, and we are proud to say that the participants in the private sector in the real estate industry are responding to the call that we made : please, let us join together in fostering transformation. And Rawson raised its hand and said ‘It is possible, it can be done. We are in the space where we can make sure it happens.’”

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