Rawson Property Group scoops triple-win at 2019 Global Brands Awards



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A recent announcement saw the Rawson Property Group awarded not one, but three Global Brands Awards in a veritable coup for the well-known South African property brand. The Group’s wins include Best Real Estate Marketing Brand (South Africa), Most Innovative Real Estate Brand (South Africa) and the highly coveted all-rounder, Best Real Estate Brand (South Africa).

This marks the third year in a row that the Rawson Property Group has received recognition in these prestigious awards, held by independent international publication, Global Brands Magazine. Previous awards include Most Innovative Real Estate Brand (South Africa) 2017 and 2018, and Best Real Estate Marketing Brand (South Africa) in 2018.

“Being recognised in this context, alongside industry giants like Samsung Electronics, Tencent Holdings, Nike and the University of Oxford, really shows the power and importance of thinking outside the box and embracing change in a traditional industry like real estate,” says Tony Clarke, MD of the Rawson Property Group. “In fact, I think our success at these awards and as a business is a direct result of our dedication to doing traditional real estate differently and reinventing our age-old industry to add the kind of value and customer service today’s clients expect and deserve.”

While a large part of the Rawson Property Group’s focus on reinvention has involved the creation of cutting-edge tools like their critically-acclaimed valuation platform, Clarke says technology is only partly responsible for the brand’s ongoing success. Rather, he believes it’s the brand’s unique combination of people, processes and technology that has placed them at the forefront of the real estate industry.

“There’s no doubt that our industry is going through a period of digital disruption, and a lot of brands are choosing to address that by replacing service-driven models with technology,” he says. “That has never been our approach at Rawson – here, service is and will always be at the heart of our business model. All the tools and innovations that we introduce are specifically created to support and empower our agents, not replace them.”

A prime example is the Rawson Engage platform – an ecosystem of tools that enables Rawson agents to stay in-touch, informed and engaged with their clients. This, Clarke says, not only makes agents faster, more efficient and more responsive – a vital attribute in today’s fast-paced world – it also facilitates a huge number of additional, personalised services that add value to the Rawson client experience by leveraging agents’ unique and irreplaceable skills.

It’s this holistic approach to the real estate industry that is likely responsible for the Rawson Property Group’s Best Real Estate Brand award. The award takes into account everything from the brand’s humble beginnings and trading history, to its vision, values, growth, technological prowess, and consistently exceptional client feedback and service ratings.

“We’re extremely lucky to have the amazing, dedicated and hard-working team of property experts that we do,” says Clarke. “We strongly believe that the human touch will always be an essential part of truly exceptional real estate service. To that end, we remain committed to supporting our agents in delivering the best and most comprehensive service possible.

“The tools and methods that we use to do that will undoubtedly continue to evolve as the industry grows and changes. Our achievements at the Global Brands Awards simply confirm that we’re willing and able to do what it takes to keep pushing the envelope and delivering industry-leading service backed by tangible value for our clients.”

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