Rawson MD appointed Chairman of the Board of REBOSA




The Rawson Property Group is proud to announce that its MD, Tony Clarke, has officially been appointed Chairman of the Board of Real Estate Business Owners of South Africa (REBOSA).

REBOSA is an independent, non-profit company which was established in 2012 to represent the best interests of business owners and principals of small, medium and large residential real estate agencies. It is now the biggest and most representative real estate body in South Africa, with its members collectively employing more than 15 000 registered, practicing estate agents.

Clarke brings over 28 years of executive experience in  the property sector and served as director on many industry related bodies, including IEASA, MLS, EAPPC, Private Property, SAQA SGB, amongst others. His approachable demeanour as well as his “get things done” nature will go a long way in galvanising the property sector into a unified focus.

 Under the Rawson Property Group banner, he has successfully led multicultural teams of over 1500 people in sales and business development on a national level.

Well-regarded for his proven ability to grow companies through the identification and development of new business opportunities and the creation of strategic partnerships, Clarke – a long time, active member of REBOSA – has big plans for the organisation under his chairmanship.

His immediate focuses will include:

  • Expediting transformation in the South African real estate sector by working with the EAAB and real estate brands to open education opportunities to previously disadvantaged individuals and facilitate recruitment within the sector.
  • Reinforcing unity within the formal real estate sector under the NPPC federation and advancing the professionalisation of the informal real estate sector.
  • Guiding and influencing the formalisation of regulations governing the Property Practitioners Bill to ensure meaningful and practical governance in areas including: transformation, training, formal qualifications, continuous professional development (CPD) and the industry code of conduct.
  • Supporting our industry’s authority in building the necessary administrative systems to enable timeous renewals of annual Fidelity Fund Certificates (FFCs).
  • Improving communication and collaboration between the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) and the industry to ensure effective, ongoing development of the real estate sector.
“REBOSA is a powerful and essential force for good in our industry,” says Clarke. “I look forward to leveraging the collective experience of its members to continue to build a professional environment in which all of our businesses can thrive, while contributing to a more vibrant and resilient South African economy.”


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