Our top 5 energy saving tips


South Africans might soon – if they’re not already – be feeling the pinch with the proposed electricity price increases. The fact that we consume more electricity during winter isn’t helping. Luckily, all hope isn’t lost – there are a few things you can do save electricity and, so, a hefty bill. Here are five ways you can start. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be doing your bit for the environment too. 

So, zone in, switch on, and let’s go!

  1. Think big

Now is a good time to evaluate how your big appliances may impact on your electricity usage.  Think: geysers, fridges, aircon units, pool pumps, washing and dishwashing machines and tumble dryers... These types of appliances can use a lot of electricity. If your home is equipped with an electricity box, you can monitor the units when you use these appliances. If you run an electrical bill, make a note of the days you use the appliances to cross reference with your bill. Often, when it gets to appliances, newer generation models come equipped with incredible energy-saving capabilities. So when shopping for new appliances, search for the most energy efficient options – the long-term savings will certainly outweigh any premium you pay now. 

  1. Switch off 

Did you know that when devices and appliances are not in use, but they’re still plugged in,  they are using electricity? Consider: your TV in stand-by mode; your phone charger; your always-on desktop computer and printer. These are sneaky electricity hogs, so be sure to switch off at the wall socket to save electricity. It’s also a smart idea to turn your geyser off at the electrical board during the day when no one requires hot water – you’ll save hundreds of Rands in electricity.

  1. Get brighter

Every year, there are smarter lighting solutions that are released. By making small adjustments in this regard, you can have a surprisingly big impact on your electricity usage. For example: add a motion sensor to your outdoor lighting fixtures for instance; invest in energy-saving light bulbs – they last much longer and use a fraction of the electricity.

  1. Plan ahead 

Add a timer to your geyser that automatically switches it on for the few hours ahead of your morning and evening routine – This can contribute to an almost immediate decrease in your electricity bills. Another element to consider is to install solar panels to heat your geyser as well as an insulation blanket to conserve its warmth. And while we’re talking insulation, the relatively small cost incurred to insulate your roof is a great way to keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer – without the use of electricity-draining heaters, fans and aircon units.

  1. Measure up

Homeowners can reduce their electricity usage by up to 15% by simply knowing where it goes, when and why. There are different ways to measure one’s electricity consumption – from dated electricity metres that are only read once a month, to digitized ones that provide day-to-day (even minute-to-minute) readings. Efergy’s new engage app allows you to access your home energy consumption, at anytime from anywhere. Using clear and simple graphics to show consumption information in a straightforward way, you can get a clear understanding in order to make changes and save energy and money.

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