Free up some space in your home with these Multi function furniture ideas


 “Multi-what furniture?” you ask. These are furniture pieces that can serve multiple functions and can help you save much-needed space. And with space in and outside the home becoming more sought-after, it’s easy to understand why this is becoming a huge trend. Plus, who couldn’t do with more space and storage that comes from fashionable furniture? 
So, what type of multi-function furniture pieces should you invest in? Here are a few ideas: 
Bed base with drawers 
You might have seen it on Pinterest or even at your local bed store, and we’re here to tell you that this is really an investment piece worth purchasing – especially if your bedroom comes with limited space: use the base to store shoes, seasonal clothes, books, blankets – the list is almost endless. Plus, it’s a great way to ensure your bedroom is always neat and tidy. Win! 
This is the ultimate multi-tasker when it gets to your lounge furniture – an ottoman can serve as a seat, a footstool, a serving area or even side table. They also come in different colours and fabrics to add a pop of colour or texture to your space. In addition, some ottomans come with lids that open up to hidden storage space.  
Nestle tables 
Stacking tables of different sizes are no longer just a decorative item in your home; they are in fact one of the the most functional items to invest in – deconstruct or pull them out and use the various section temporarily as additional tables in your lounge, bedroom, dining room or even bathroom, and then store it away again when not needed. 
Crate or trunk 
Using an old crate or trunk as a coffee table is no longer just fashionable décor; it also doubles up as storage space where you can hide any clutter in your lounge. Think: DVDs, books, throws, game consoles and even wine. 
No longer is this convertible sofa – so often associated with our student days – the ugly cousin to the rest of your home’s décor. Futon designs nowadays are far more fashionable and stylish, and can be a centre furniture piece in your lounge. Plus it still easily converts into a bed,  for when you have visitors staying over or when you want to have a long lazy weekend in front of the television. 
Sectional or adaptable couches 
If you’re in the market for a couch, consider getting one that features sectional pieces – this will allow you to adapt the couch to various seating options. Plus the various sections can be mixed and matched with other furniture in your home or to be used to create additional seating. Fashionable and functional wrapped into one.
Bench on wheels 
Who doesn’t ever need additional workspace – whether the dining room, kitchen or bedroom? While benches have been popular for a number of years, the simple touch of adding wheels to them can make it a multi-task furniture piece: the wheels will allow you to move it from various rooms in your house to when and where space is needed. Easy!  
Do you have any cool ideas to share? Leave your comments below. 
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