Create your own Book Nook


Winter is the perfect season for curling up in a cosy corner at home with a good book. Here are a few tips on how to create a warm and inviting book nook. Great news: there’s no need for an extra room; all you need is a little space in a quiet corner in your lounge or bedroom to do so. 
1. Shelf life 
It should go without saying, but a great book nook starts with a great bookshelf. If you have a blank wall area next to the area that you want to use as your book nook, why not add some floating shelves that could house your book collection? If you want to cordon off an area in your lounge or a bedroom for a book nook, you can use a book rack as a divider. Alternatively, place the book rack as the central point in your book nook – let it be what draws you in.  ella-jardim-26O72SSy47k-unsplash
Next, think about how you would arrange your books – it could be what adds a great attraction for young and old to spend time here. One idea is to arrange the books by colour (for those who are pleased by aesthetics) or to arrange it alphabetically. Another aspect is to place larger books towards the bottom of your bookshelf and smaller books at the top – this will help lengthen your room and make the space look bigger and more welcoming.   
Lastly, don’t forget to add all your favourite books. A much-loved oldie is always a goodie to re-read! 
2. Make it comfortably plush 
The look and feel of your book nook should invite you to laze there all day while getting lost in your novel.  That’s why it’s so important to make the space as comfortable and relaxing as possible: add a comfy daybed, oversized pillows, beanbags or even a  comfortable armchair will do.  Don’t forget to add throws or blankets in arms length for ultimate comfort and warmth. 
3. Ensure you have the right light 
Lighting is key for a book nook – you don’t want to feel like you’re in an interrogation room with overly bright light nor do you want your eyes straining while you’re trying to read in soft light. Invest in a decent bedside reading lamp – this will create focused light that won’t overpower the ambience of your book nook. timothy-buck-psrloDbaZc8-unsplash
4. Keep it functional 
While the look and feel of your book nook is important to draw people in, don’t forget that it needs to be functional too: the space should be open to readers at all time to enjoy a spot of reading. So, ensure it’s away from anything that could distract a reader, like a TV, radio or a computer. Also, allow readers to come explore the books, and don’t get too hung up if they mess up your perfectly arranged bookshelf. 
5. Don’t forget the little ones 
We all know that reading is crucial to help kids develop cognitive function, comprehensive understanding and to grow their vocabulary. So, make sure that your book nook caters to their needs too and that it’s a space that they will feel welcomed to explore. Place favourite books on the lower shelves so that they can easily grab it or add a shelf that is entirely dedicated to them. Add beanbags, colourful bunting or even a little tepee that they can hide out in – anything that will invite them to spend hours in the space.
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