How to select an estate agent?

The problem that professional estate agents encounter regularly in the property market is that sellers want the cheapest agent and the highest price for their home.

These sellers raise the question: 'Should we select an agent based on price?'

This question goes to the heart of the sellers two most important decisions: Selecting an agent and establishing a price. These must be independent choices and unrelated to each other. One of the greatest mistakes homeowners make is to select an agent who agrees to go with the highest asking price'¦. Tempting, but can prevent your home from selling. This strategy will simply require successive price reductions later.

There are two important criteria on which to base your choice of agent '“ services and marketing plan. Agents dont determine value '“ the market does. So why select an agent based upon price?

You wont select a stockbroker on the value of stock, but on competence, trust, comfort and reputation. Therefore, select an agent on the same basis. The best agents have the confidence to tell you the truth about the market. Their job is to sell your home, not price it. All the exposure in the world wont sell an overpriced home, and an agents enthusiasm about your home will not increase its value. Ideally, select your agent first, then determine the price of your home together.

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