Get your home ready for winter

Summer is fast becoming a distant memory and #ThrowbackThursdays are now dedicated to what we did on those hot days a month or two ago.  

Instead of spending your time reminiscing over summer, why not use it to get your home ready for the colder weather? A house that’s well prepped and primed for winter will not only make it cosier, but more  of an inviting place to hide out once the freezing temperatures arrive. This could also save you lots of time and money in the event that the extreme weather impacts your property. 

Here are a few ways you can start… 

1. Clear out the gutters 
There’s nothing as frustrating as watching the first rains fall and realising that your gutters are filled with autumn leaves, so start by cleaning out leaves and other debris from the gutters. Also make sure you remove any rubble from drainpipes and any other drainage systems in your home. 

2. Check for drafts 
Never underestimate the power of a small draft – it can impact your home’s entire interior temperature significantly and can make for a costly electricity bill if you use heaters to keep your house warm.  

Make sure you check each window and door for cracks or for places where they don’t seal properly. Weather-proofing these are as easy as getting rubber sealant strips that will block any cold air from flowing in. A visit to a hardware store is a great idea too – there are many great DIY weather-proofing products. 

3. Clean out the fireplace and chimney 
There is nothing better on a cold winters day or night than a fireplace. For those who are lucky to have one of these in their home, make sure you do a thorough clean on your fireplace and get a professional company to clean out the chimney – they are specially trained to clean it and can also inspect your chimney’s damper for any drafts. 

4. Fill up your gas heater
A gas heat is usually one of those things that we don’t think about until we need it, don’t be caught off-guard on a random winter’s day when the temperature suddenly drops and you can’t find gas anywhere. If you have an older gas heater, make sure you send it to a maintenance centre for a routine check up on any leaks or damages – it’s a simple and easy exercise, and could save you and your loved ones from a life-threatening situation. 

5. Get some window dressing 
Did you know that your home could retain significant heat with the simple addition of curtains or blinds? That’s right! Up to 40% of the heat generated by your selected heating system (fire place, heater etc.) can escape if your windows and doors are uncovered. So, if you needed an excuse to update your curtains, you now have the perfect reason. 

6. Check your lighting bulbs   
Autumn and winter months bring shorter days and longer nights – meaning, less daylight and more reliance on artificial lighting. Start by making sure that every light fixture in your home is fitted with energy saving light bulbs this will save you money in the long run. Next, make sure that any fused outdoor lights have been repaired and/or that the light bulbs have been replaced with energy saving ones. If possible, update your outdoor lights with motion censored ones – that way it’ll only be switched on when necessary and save you money on costly electricity bills.  

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