Five nifty ways to save water


We are all (hopefully!) aware that South Africa is currently experiencing one of the most severe droughts in history, and that strict water restrictions have been implemented around the country.

Luckily, saving water doesn’t have to involve crawling into a hole while waiting for the rain to come. Here are a few other nifty ways you can save water:

1. Wash your fruit and veg in a pot of water

Most of us are guilty of running the tap while rinsing fruit and veg… Meep! Rather fill up a small pot or bowl with water that you can use to wash your fresh produce. Then, use the same water to water your houseplants. #Winning!

2. Reuse your laundry water

Washing laundry is unfortunately one of those water-consuming things that we can’t really get away from… But instead of letting the water wash down the drain, re-route the drainage pipe to buckets where you can save the bubbly water. Then, use it to mop your floors.  And remember to make sure you only wash full loads as doing multiple small bundles can waste precious water.

3. Save your shower water

Have you ever noticed how much water actually runs down the drain when you shower? Why not put a bucket in your shower to catch the excess water the next and then use it to help flush your toilet or to water your garden.

4. Time your shower to a song

Press stop on those long, water-wasting showers by pressing play on your favourite song as you get in the shower. Then, as the song ends, make it your cue to turn off the tap.

5. Harvest the rainwater

This one might require you to put on your DIY gloves, but can save plenty of water and also your garden: install or build your very own rainwater tank from plastic containers. Put it/these under catchment areas such as a gutter and let it fill if and when it rains. Use this water, then, to irrigate your grass, plants and trees.

Do you have any nifty water-saving ideas that you’ve implemented? Let us know by commenting below – we’d love to share it!

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