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We all know that winter days are best spent indoors. But that can leave parents and their kids climbing out the walls. Which is why we’ve put together our four favourite family-fun indoor activities that will keep everyone warm and entertained.

Play a round of “Names, Places, Animals and Things”

It might be an oldie, but it’s a goodie and has entertained families for generations. We love it in particular because all it requires is some paper, pens (or pencils) and a little bit of general knowledge.

  • On one piece of paper, write all 26 letters of the alphabet and circle each letter.
  • Next, give a piece of paper for each player. At the top of every paper, create a top line and, then, column for each subject: name, animal, place and thing (any object).  You can add other items to the list such as cars, flowers, book titles and so forth. The last column should be labelled “points” to keep count of your score.activity-addiction-alphabet-278941
  • Players take turns to randomly pick an alphabet letter from the alphabet sheet – this is best done with when the person who has to choose a letter close their eyes and, while someone else turn the piece of paper, pick a number by pointing to the piece of paper with their pen.
  • Once a letter has been picked, each player needs to fill in a name, an animal, a place and a thing starting with the selected letter. Whoever finishes first will then count to 10. Once this time is up, the round is finished.  
  • For every correct answer, a player is rewarded 10 points; however, if any two players have the same answer, they only get 5 points. Where there is no entry, a player gets 0 points.
  • Once you’ve worked your way through all 26 letters, add up the totals to find out who the winner is. Make sure there is a delicious treat or prize for the winner and runner up.

Make and then build your own puzzle  

While building puzzles can train mental agility, making your own puzzle is also a great way to exercise creative ability.

  • Start off by letting your kids draw a picture on a white piece of paper – encourage them to let their imaginations run wild.
  • Then, glue it to a sturdy piece of cardboard (Bristol board works well); allow it to dry assemble-challenge-combine-269399overnight – if you want to save time, let your children draw directly onto the board.
  • Next, on the back of the board, outline the shape of puzzle pieces. Cut the pieces out with a good pair of scissors, mix them up and let the puzzle building begin!


Visit a museum

Okay, so this one might require you to leave the house, but you’ll still be snug indoors on a chilly day. More so, South Africa has some of the most magnificent museums where your kids can be entertained while learning some fascinating facts that will expand their minds and broaden their horizons. Check out favourite child-friendly museums throughout South Africa HERE. 

Play a game of family-photo bingo

This is a great game to help your children, especially toddlers, learn more about their family.


For each child participating, give each child nine family photos (make sure you include one for mommy, daddy, grandparents on each side, aunts or uncles and any cousins) and arrange them, randomly, into rows of three.

Next, hand each child nine checkers pieces, playing cards or cardboard squares and ask them to hold onto these.

Then, randomly call out the names of the family members and allow your child to find the right picture and cover it with piece paper/checkers piece. Whoever gets three in a row, wins.

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