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Belville’s Oakglen is renowned for its family-centric nature and community spirit – a reputation that has been key to its popularity with buyers for years.

Wynand van Wyk, franchisee for the Rawson Properties Oakglen franchise, has been a resident of Oakglen for a decade and has 7 years of real estate experience in the area. This intimate knowledge of the neighbourhood allows him to bring a more personal touch to the real estate services offered by his franchise – something he says is at the heart of the sales and purchase experiences they hope to provide.

“Our relationships are what set us apart at Rawson Oakglen,” he says. “In a competitive area, it’s essential for buyers and sellers to partner with an agent they can connect with and trust completely. Having first-hand experience of the area, and being active members of the community, means we can build client relationships that go far deeper than just the transactional side of real estate. We’re not just out to make the sale – we’re helping people make smart property choices that support their life goals.”

According to van Wyk, the majority of Oakglen residents are families drawn to the area by its excellent schools, good security (with an award-winning neighbourhood watch) and conveniently central location. However, the great value-for-money of Oakglen properties – coupled with its wide array of top-quality shops, restaurants and professional service providers – is also attracting younger and older buyers to the area.

“A spacious, four-bedroomed family home on an average-sized erf of eight-hundred square metres will cost between R1.8million and R2.7million,” he says. “Smaller homes and townhouses are available for R1 Million to R1.6million, and apartments start at R600k and head up to R1 Million with a small garden. Those kinds of prices are hard to beat in the Western Cape – particularly in areas close to some of its best schools, with the kind of healthcare and other amenities that we have here.”

While many Oakglen properties are on the older side, van Wyk says the last few years have seen a definite trend towards modernisation.

“A lot of homeowners have gone open-plan and upgraded their kitchens, bathrooms and general finishes to modern standards,” he says, “but there are still plenty of opportunities for those hoping to add value through their own renovations. For those who prefer new-built properties, there are also relatively modern townhouses and apartments on offer, which have excellent buy-to-let potential.”

With average capital growth sitting at around 8%, van Wyk says most Oakglen homeowners – particularly long-term residents – enjoy solid returns on their investment. When it's time to move on, however, he highly recommends partnering with an experienced real estate agent to advise on the best path to a favourable sale.

“A lot of sellers are reluctant to hold show houses, for example,” he says, “but we’re seeing exceptional turnouts to these – buyers like to do the rounds on Sunday afternoons. A good agent can address any concerns owners may have and enable them to take advantage of this traffic without compromising the safety of their possessions or home.”

An experienced agent with area-specific knowledge is also important when pricing a home for the market – something van Wyk says is essential to get right in today’s competitive times.

“Priced accurately, our listings are taking between a week to two months to sell,” he says. “Homes that are overpriced are sitting for a whole lot longer. Being very familiar with Bellville, and Oakglen specifically, makes it a lot easier for us to get the price right from the start, giving sellers the best chance of a good sale in a reasonable time.”

Oakglen may be home central to the new Rawson franchise, but van Wyk says their services will also be available to buyers and sellers in the surrounding areas. You can experience their unique, relationship-driven approach to real estate by visiting their offices at the SPAR Old Oak shopping centre, or calling 021 836 6500.

For more information, email marketing@rawsonproperties.com or visit www.rawson.co.za for the latest market tips and industry news.


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