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Bathroom renovations are known for being some of the most expensive changes to make in a home. They can be time-consuming, frustrating and come with a huge premium in terms of fittings and fixtures. However, if you’re smart about your redesign choices, reusing furniture and fixtures, a brand new cost-effective bathroom is totally attainable! Cutting costs doesn’t mean having to put up with low-quality or low-value items; with some inexpensive purchases and some clever cost-cutting tips, you can create the bathroom of your dreams. We take you through some clever ways to cut costs:

Planning Ahead

Lack of planning in any renovation project can cause significant delays and become extremely costly, especially if you need to change the plans halfway through. Of course, some changes are inevitable and unforeseen in any renovation project but thoughtfully considering all that needs to be done before lifting the first tool is the best way to keep costs down. So it’s best to start when you’re entirely sure about your vision for the remodel. Think about layout, plumbing, fixtures and light fittings as the biggest ticket items. 

alexander-fife-rDSwQ_6XFUs-unsplashKeep it simple

As obvious as this is, try to make do with the existing floor plan and plumbing setup as is. The best way to cut costs is not to renovate at all! And instead, revamp the space with the existing layout. There are plenty of beautiful ways to zhush up the room without major renovation, like changing the flooring, fixtures, a fresh paint job, lighting and even decor elements that can renew the space entirely. 

Do it Yourself

You may think that bathroom renovations need professionals, but this isn’t true for every part of the project. Labour can be pricey, so you can easily cut costs by taking on aspects of the project yourself. Of course, you want to leave the serious stuff like all the plumbing and electrics to the professionals, but this doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand at an accent wall of tiles above the bath or add a fresh coat of water-resistant paint! A great rule of thumb is not taking on anything that doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to learn on Youtube.

Second-hand success

A brilliant way to save on bigger items is to thrift at vintage and second-hand stores. You never know where you’ll get lucky with the perfect vintage ceramic sink or some shiny brass hardware. The main thing to bear in mind is second-hand shopping isn’t as easy as arriving and finding the exact item you want; it can take time. But if you’re willing to become a weekend vintage worrier, you can end up saving thousands!

Use cost-effective look alikes

Keeping your existing materials is always best when looking to cut costs, but plenty of cost-effective lookalikes give you a luxe feel on a budget. For instance, try vinyl click with flooring instead of genuine wood planking and with marble countertops, rather try granite or ceramic options. These substitutes will save thousands, and no one will ever be able to tell that you’ve opted for the low-cost alternative.

New hardware, new look

Out with the old and in with the new! One of the most effective ways to update the aesthetic in the bathroom is to replace all the hardware. Installing new cabinets, especially if they are custom, can be pricey, but a reasonable workaround is to redo all the hardware for a fresh look. The top tip to reduce any frustration is to make sure you measure the screw alignment before you go shopping sopexels-monstera-6781117 that you can match it perfectly at home.

Refinish instead of replacing

Replacing items in the bathroom should be a last resort. There are all sorts of new products that can freshen up materials to almost new. For instance, cracked or yellowing ceramic sinks or baths can be refinished with new enamel. 

Fresh paint 

Freshen up your bathroom vibe with some water-resistant paint. This protects the walls from mould or damp and is the most straightforward project to take on - no need for a professional painter here. Be brave and choose a bold colour palette. Either go for a pop of colour with an accent wall or go all in and paint the whole space in a bright cheerful hue. 

Even more, fun, if your bathroom has wooden floors, instead of opting for tiles or vinyl click, consider painting it with a hardier enamel. This can save you time and money and is an incredible way to lift the whole room. 

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