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As large parts of the world find itself in unfamiliar territory, official responses are becoming increasingly stringent when it comes to managing the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak - and understandably so.

Tony Clarke, Managing Director of the Rawson Property Group, says that “in light of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s declaration of the situation as a national disaster, we believe that it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and the people around us safe in terms of managing the spread of COVID-19, as well as to continue providing value-adding property services for the clients we serve.”

“We understand that, as estate agents, we play an essential role in our communities and we realise that most of our clients have urgent property needs and livelihoods are at stake. We therefore commit to carry on serving our existing clients as well as new buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants, and to keep doing whatever we can to conclude successful transactions and expedite property transfers,” says Clarke.

“We will continue operating at full capacity, and agents will do so largely by making use of our Rawson online tools & systems, which enable them to operate efficiently and effectively in these unique circumstances.”

Clarke confirms implementing various operational, health and hygiene measures below to protect staff, clients and the community, in line with what was announced by the President: 

  • With the implementation of the latest travel restrictions, we will refrain from meeting with any client that has entered or re-entered the country for a period of 14 days from entry. Our agents and team members have been instructed to do the same, should they be the ones who have travelled.
  • We have encouraged our team not to embark on any non-essential air travel.
  • To be extra safe, we have also instructed our agents not to interact with any team members or clients if they are experiencing any cold- or flu symptoms, until the necessary medical steps have been taken.

If clients visit one of our offices, meet an agent at their property, or attend a viewing or show house, please note the following : 

  • Our staff have been instructed to avoid all personal contact and to remain at least 1m away from you and your family at all times;
  • We will be equipped with sanitizers and will make sure that these are used at the appropriate times;
  • Our staff will request any client visiting a seller or landlord’s property - whether it’s at a show house day or a viewing - to make use of sanitizing products before entering the property, and to refrain from touching anything in the property.

“We share the worldwide concern about the impact of the current situation and the possibility of the virus spreading but we are 100% committed to play our part by managing the situation, and ensuring that we serve our clients excellently in these unprecedented times” says Clarke.  

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