Biggest Design and Decor Trends for 2019



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It is at the start of each year that décor and design enthusiasts eagerly wait to see what the big trends for the year will hold. And, according to the experts, these are the ones that will #trend in 2019.


First things first: anyone in the trend world would know how important the Pantone Colour of the Year is – it basically informs what the design and décor world will do for the next 12 months. This year, the Pantone colour of the year is “Living Coral”, and we love it! Described as glorious, vibrant and effervescent, this shade is bound to bring a lot of fun into a home this year.

How to bring it into your home:  It won’t be hard to find coral items in any décor store this year. Add some coral scatter cushions to your living area, a throw over your bed or some handtowels to your guest bathroom; alternatively, add pops of coral colours into photo frames to hang on a focal wall in your home.   


If you’re a fan of making a statement, then you’ll be over the moon to learn that monochromatic shades are making way for something that pops with colour in this year – particularly in kitchens. So, say bye-bye to white tiles and hello to patterned, graphic or coloured tiles as backsplashes.

How to bring it into your home:  You might not have the budget to redo your entire kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring this trend into your home. Many hardware stores (and even gift stores) sell Vinyl Wall tiles that you can stick onto your current tiles (they are also easy to remove for when this trend is no longer the fashionable must-have). Easy-peasy!


White and grey marble countertops have had its moment for the last couple of years, but in 2019 darker and warmer shades for countertops are all the rage – don’t get us wrong, marble isn’t going anywhere; just the preference of shade has changed.

How to bring it into your home: if you’re looking to update your kitchen within a budget, a simple update of a darker countertop is a cost-effective way you can breath fresh life into it (especially if your cabinets are white). If your budget doesn’t allow for marble, opt for an inexpensive alternative in a darker shade.

If you’re simply looking for a quick and low-cost update in your home, add a new coffee table or side table that has a dark marble top to your lounge or bedroom.


If you’re following décor and design trends you would’ve noticed that woven baskets, macramé and jute rugs – usually made by local artisans – have been trending over the last few months. And that’s just the start! This year we will see more décor items made from sustainable materials, while local experts will continue to recommend the handy-work of the local-workforce.  

How to bring it into your home: This one is pretty easy – stop by your local décor and gift store where you’re bound to find a number of items produced by local craftsmen and women, who are also likely to use sustainable materials. Make this year the year you shop local more often!


For those who are partial to neutral shades, you’ll be relieved to know that neutrals aren’t going anywhere this year… it’s just taking a softer, warmer tone. So, forget those bright whites and opt for something like a dove grey instead.

How to bring it into your home: This is one of the easiest and affordable updates in your home! Update your bedroom with a soft white or light grey throw, pillows or duvet cover; or add a throw of a similar shade to your couch. Or it could be as simple as adding a few candles to your home. Voila!


Many décor experts have exhaled with much relief that rose gold is on its way out, and ushered in its replacement – brass – with much joy. This is mostly as brass brings a level of elegance and sophistication to any space without the danger of being tacky (which rose gold can so easily do); plus brass is pretty versatile too – from using it in plumbing to lighting fixtures and other décor items.

How to bring it into your home: Update your dining room with a fresh brass light pendant; add a brass-framed mirror to your lounge or some brass bowls to your kitchen counter. Easy, affordable and simple does it!


We love when a good trend comes back, again and again. Case in point, Terrazzo – a popular composite material made from chips of marble, quarts, granite, glass and other materials that is poured into a cement binder or epoxy resin. Terrazzo first became popular in the 1920s but has trended again in the 1940s, 1960s and 1970s as floor and wall treatments. And this year is set to make a huge comeback, and we’re delighted! This colourful trend brings so much personality to a space that would otherwise feel dull and lifeless.

How to bring it into your home: We get it: redoing your walls or floors in Terrazzo is a commitment that you might not be willing to make or can afford. That doesn’t mean you cannot bring this trend into your home. A visit to a décor store will reveal that you can purchase everything from mugs, side tables and candleholders to area rugs and wall paper in Terrazzo style. It’s such a fun way to bring some colour into your space.

What trend are you most excited about? Tell us in the comment box below!

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