7 fun winter activities to do as a family – home edition




Embrace the chilly season this year by spending time at home with your family! We’ve compiled a list of seven winter or indoor activities that are not only fun but can also enhance your home’s value if you’re considering selling soon.

When the temperature drops, there’s nothing better than settling in front of a fire or heater for a cosy day inside. But staying indoors doesn’t have to be boring – winter is the perfect time to get a head start on maintenance jobs and DIY décor activities or ticking off some fun indoor activities with the kids, your friends or family members.

From drab to fab

Home improvement and DIY projects can make a big difference in how well-maintained your home appears – especially in the eyes of potential buyers! Start with something simple, like switching out your light fixtures for more modern options and opting for warm bulbs to create a cosy and warm atmosphere. Next, fix leaky taps, squeaky hinges, chipped paint or masonry and fill in any cracks in the doors and windows for better insulation.

Makeover magic


Use your time indoors to start a DIY home makeover project with the family. Select a room everyone can enjoy, like the lounge. You can do something as simple as upgrading the interior decorations and repainting the room or creating a feature wall. Choose the colours together and go wild with the décor! This can be a fun and low-commitment project that shouldn’t take more than a weekend to complete.

If you’re redecorating a playroom or a child’s bedroom, involve them in the process. This can be a great bonding experience and listening to their likes and dislikes can give you a better idea of who they are becoming and what is important to them.

While neutral colours are recommended when showing off your home to potential buyers, don’t dismiss bright or trending colours. They can create interest and give your space a modern look. Win-win!

woman-makes-handmade-diy-lamp-from-jute-ropeHandmade happiness

Do you feel like your home lacks a bit of personality? DIY décor can come to the rescue! Create a gallery wall by choosing your favourite photos or artwork as a family. You could also display your family’s favourite trinkets and prized possessions in a homemade printer’s tray or bookshelf. This can include keepsakes, models or figurines. It can be a great conversation starter! 

For something more practical, use chalk paint for a DIY blackboard in a common area of your home. Here you can jot down schedules, recipes, shopping lists or notes to each other.


Homegrown haven


Don’t let winter stop you from going green! Create a mini herb garden in kitchen window boxes, planter boxes or flowerpots. Choose herbs you can use in your cooking and improve your overall health, like rosemary, thyme, mint and basil. These herbs will add some colourful cheer to your home, enhance the nutritional value of your meals and ensure you remain healthy during the cold and wet season. It is also a great added feature that could pique the interest of potential buyers.

Taste of tradition

Speaking of food, why not start a cookbook? Get your family to bring over a tried-and-true recipe they don’t mind sharing – bonus points if the recipes include immune-boosting herbs and spices! Together, you can compile a cookbook with all the fan favourites. This can become a cherishedvertical-shot-dish-with-meet-sauce family keepsake that’s passed down through generations. It is also a great way to preserve family traditions.

Culinary connections

Cooking together is a wonderful way to spend time as a family. Together, you can learn new techniques and add to your repertoire. Choose a new or favourite recipe and dedicate some time to cooking together. If cooking isn’t your thing, baking can be a great alternative. Make biscuits, puddings or cakes and decorate them together. 

When cooking or baking, incorporate immune-boosting ingredients. This winter, why not try a warming chicken and vegetable soup with lots of garlic, leafy greens, sweet potato and carrots? A delicious winter curry with ginger, coconut milk, spices and chilli or a classic malva pudding with custard are also great options. 

Family funday


A game night, craft day or pizza party are favourites for a reason! For game night, pull out the classics, like Monopoly, Cluedo or Uno or if you have a gaming console, challenge each other or try something you’ve never played before. For a craft day, work on a project together (mason jar lanterns, a DIY bird feeder or custom t-shirts are crowd-pleasers for all age groups) or spend time with each other by working on your own projects in the same room. Of course, pizza and movies are always a winner!

These activities are great bonding experiences and fun-filled ways to spend cold winter days or school holidays together. Whether you are adding value to your home or creating new memories, spending time together can be one of life’s greatest gifts.






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