4 simple techniques to optimise your property portfolio




27 October 2023

Some of the world’s wealthiest individuals founded their empires on property investment. Craig Mott, Business Development Manager for the Rawson Property Group, shares the top 4 techniques used to build these high-performance portfolios that deliver mogul-worthy returns.

Don’t overlook an opportunity

“The best property investors keep a constant finger on the pulse of the property market,” says Mott. “They’re constantly on the lookout for optimal conditions and aren’t afraid to leap when anCraig-3 opportunity presents itself.” Currently, Mott says the market is ideally positioned for portfolio expansion, with excellent lending rates and a wide variety of stock available.

“We’re seeing a lot of savvy investors using this time to fill gaps in their portfolios and implement strategic expansion strategies,” he says.

Build strategic partnerships

Becoming a property investment expert doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why most successful investors have a property professional on their team.

“Building a relationship with an experienced real estate and/or rental agent opens a lot of doors for you as an investor,” says Mott. “Not only can you get early access to prime, as-yet-unlisted properties, you also get up-to-the-minute advice on the latest investment best practices, legislative updates and property trends.”

Understand what success looks like

mikita-yo-uv2bDnPQqGI-unsplashBigger isn’t always better when it comes to property investment. According to Mott, the key metric to look out for is not overall portfolio value, but rather whether your total returns equal or exceed those of equivalent monetary investment funds.

“If, for argument’s sake, the same money would have performed better in a money market – before capital appreciation – you can’t regard that investment as being successful,” says Mott. “Of course, property investment is a long-term venture, so don’t be overly swayed by individual properties’ short-term performance. At the same time, don’t put all your eggs in the capital appreciation basket – investment properties shouldn’t need to be sold before they deliver profits.”

Never take performance for granted

Done right, Mott says property can dramatically outperform almost any other asset class. If it’s not living up to its full potential, it’s time to update your strategy.

“There are always going to be properties that don’t perform as expected, and these can drag the overall returns from a portfolio down,” he says. “Don’t fall into the trap of hanging on to this ‘dead wood’. The most successful investors do regular checks of each and every property’s performance. Those that consistently deliver below expectations, and cannot easily be remedied, should be sold to increase cash flow or finance more promising new investments.”

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Craig Mott

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