10 DIY gifts to show you care this festive season




The festive season is a time of joy, sharing and giving, so why not embrace the DIY spirit and spread some holiday cheer with a handmade, heartfelt present? Check out our top 10 personalised gifts below!

While store-bought gifts are always a good option, there’s something very special and meaningful about giving or receiving a homemade present. Whether you celebrate the season or not, incorporating some of these DIY projects and ideas can be a great way to end the year.

The purr-fect gift
 Do you have a four-legged friend or an animal shelter nearby? Spread some holiday love bypexels-karolina-grabowska-5914025 crafting pet toys. All you need is some fabric offcuts to create braided ropes for dogs or catnip-filled pillows for cats. And for those who know their way around a sewing machine, toy mice, blankets and pet beds are furry favourites!

A-dough-rable treats
The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without delicious treats! Bake a batch of biscuits, prepare your own jams or whip up some of your favourite festive goodies for friends, family or a social welfare home. You can even whip up pet-friendly snacks to donate to the SPCA and other animal rescue organisations.

Charity begins at home
 The most precious gifts often come from the heart. Offer your time, skills or services during this season. Ideas can include volunteering at a local shelter, assisting an elderly neighbour or helping friends with holiday preparations. Your generosity and support can make a significant impact on someone’s life.

Oh, snap!
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not get some photos printed of you sharing a moment with your favourite people? You can then upcycle a second-hand frame or make one from reclaimed wood and craft supplies. We know this gift will leave the receiver with a smile on their face!

Take care
If you are looking for a way to include the less fortunate in your gift-giving this year, a care kit is a great idea. Put together a package with essential items, like hygiene products, first aid supplies, non-perishable food, blankets and socks to distribute to the homeless in your community. You can donate these kits to shelters or hand them out yourself. Your kindness will go a long way in making December brighter for those in need.


From DIY to décor
Build excitement in the lead-up to Christmas with a fun DIY project – a homemade advent calendar! Create small, personalised surprises or treats for each day, such as handmade gifts, kind notes or fun activities to do together. To make your advent calendar, decorate cardboard boxes, fill drawstring bags and hang them from a tree branch or package 25 red envelopes and have them displayed on a wall – the possibilities are endless! Whatever you choose to do, this craft will add an extra touch of magic to the season and is a fun DIY home décor item too.

Im-peck-able taste
Take your loved one’s garden – and property – to the next level by building them a handmade bird feeder. These can be as simple as DIYing a plastic cooldrink bottle and filling it with birdseed or as elaborate as knocking together a few pieces of wood to create a birdhouse. You can also cover pinecones with peanut butter and seeds. This DIY garden idea will attract and provide sustenance to local birds, making their garden a haven for wildlife. 

It’s party thyme
A herb garden starter kit is a gift that keeps on giving. All you need to do is assemble a kit with potted herbs, soil and containers. Print out some easy instructions for watering and plant care and package it up! Not only does it provide fresh herbs for cooking, but it also adds a touch of greenerypexels-any-lane-5728218 to any kitchen or small garden! You can also donate these starter kits to community garden projects.

The gift of giving
If you celebrate Christmas, you probably remember the excitement of ripping open wrapping paper and finding a gift from Santa. Unfortunately, many children don’t get to experience that joy. You can change this by getting your friends, family and neighbours involved. Fill a box with essentials and small gifts for less fortunate children, wrap it up and drop it off at a local children’s home.

Make the connection
Still stuck for ideas? Instead of presenting your loved ones with a physical gift, consider planning a day of shared experiences and connection. Whether it’s baking together, making DIY home decorations, going on a hike or enjoying a movie night, the memories created are priceless.

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