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The décor world has some new and exciting ideas that promise to transform your space into a sanctuary. Make your house a home this year with a few simple, sustainable and affordable tweaks. Modern interior design trends are always changing and it can be hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. In 2024, we are seeing environmentally-friendly options making a big return, as well as some bold new choices. Keep reading to find out more!

Going green

In 2024, we are seeing more cork, vegan leather and bamboo products gaining popularity, along with fabrics and linens made from natural fibres. Green solutions are also taking centre-stage in the home. With loadshedding, most of us probably have the energy-saving side down pat but there are other ways to bring this trend into your home without having to buy anything new or break the bank trying. For example, give your existing wooden furniture pride of place in your space by spending some time sanding and varnishing, oiling or painting these key pieces. You could also try your hand at crafting macrame plant hangers. All you need are some strips of old fabric or rope, recycled glass jars and a good Youtube tutorial! Sustainability? Check!

Nature knows best

Another throwback is nature-focused decorating. We live in a stressful, fast-paced world and finding ways of bringing the outside in can be very calming. Plants are an easy and cost-effective way to start, as you probably have a few already. Cluster them together to create a calm and cosymodern-composition-living-room-interior-with-design-sofa-coffee-table-plant-shelf-mirror-pillow-carpet-rattan-pouf-parquet-floor-elegant-presonal-accessories-stylish-home-decor-1 nook on your balcony or stoep, in the lounge or bedroom. Put them in earthenware, terracotta or stone pots to add to the organic feel. For those looking for a fun DIY project, floating shelves using salvaged or reclaimed wood are a great way to add extra storage space and personality to a room while also staying on trend.

Colour your world

Colour is one of the most exciting and inexpensive ways to modernise your home décor. Tones that evoke a sense of calm, positivity and joy are top favourites this year.

Update your space with a lick of paint! Consider shades of green, like sage or emerald, and serene blues for bedrooms, a cheerful yellow for the kitchen, earthy tones for the lounge and pops of soft pink and peach for accent walls. If you would prefer something less permanent, you can always get a plant that blooms in one of these colours as a centrepiece for a room.

More is more

Move over, beige minimalism! Tiktok has crowned “bookshelf wealth” and maximalism as the new “in” thing. Both these trends embrace a “lived-in” home, where all your favourite things are on display. Wondering where to begin? Turn books into statement pieces by styling them on your shelves and tables, interspersed with vintage or handmade trinkets. Pull out your mismatched cushions and throws to create a feast for the eyes. Don’t worry about the clashing of textures and colours – this all adds to the ambience. 


With people moving into smaller homes or flats, rooms that serve multiple purposes have become important. Living rooms are also reclaiming their status as the centre of the home, especially those with flexible layouts.

Creating versatile spaces can be tricky but rewarding. For example, if you need a place to work but don’t have a spare room, find a spot in your home that can accommodate a desk and a chair. Keep your stationery and tech on the tabletop during the day and store everything away when you have guests. You can then dress up the table to suit your décor.   

Extendable or foldable tables, modular couches, ottomans with hidden storage and nesting side tables can also make your space more functional.

And remember – in 2024, there’s no need to buy new. The secondhand market is a great sustainable styling solution and a treasure trove for home décor too. 

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