New Rawson franchise launches one-stop-shop for Kempton Park property services



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The Rawson Property Group recently welcomed a new franchise to its team, headed by well-known Kempton Park businessman and property expert, Christoffel Marais. Marais comes from an extensive property development background and has big plans for Kempton Park’s property services industry.

“Our goal for the Rawson Properties Kempton Park franchise is to create a one-stop-shop for buyers and sellers,” says Marais. “A trusted place they can come to for all their property needs. To achieve this, we’re leveraging strategic partnerships with businesses like Barnard’s Incorporated and Terraplan Associates to offer everything from property advice to home inspections, building plans, zoning applications, valuations, buying, selling, financing and registration.”

Marais’ plans are underpinned by the Rawson brand’s internationally-recognised technology and marketing innovations. 

“The property market in Kempton Park has been subdued over the last couple of years,” Marais acknowledges, “but prices have remained stable and signs point towards an uptick this spring and summer. We’re lucky to have the ideal location, situated close to all the highways with easy access to OR Tambo and Johannesburg and Pretoria’s business centres. This, paired with the excellent value still available to buyers here, has kept demand alive over even the most difficult economic periods.”

“Unemployment is a massive issue across our entire country,” he says. “While this is a heart-breaking situation, we are hopeful that it will highlight the need for the government to address unemployment issues and maintain local CBDs to create environments that support healthy economic growth.”

Thankfully for property owners, the temporary unrest has not affected Kempton Park’s property market to any noticeable degree, and demand remains stable from a largely youthful pool of buyers.

“We have a huge variety of property available here, with a good mix of freehold and sectional title, and prices ranging from R700k all the way up to R7 million,” says Marais. “We have buyers in all age and price brackets, but our entry-level market is definitely the strongest at present, with particularly high demand from under-35s for sectional title properties between R700k and R1.5 million.”

Buy-to-let investors are also common in Kempton Park, which enjoys a strong rental market with extremely low vacancies for well-priced properties. While Marais’ franchise does not yet offer rental services, his team is adept at assisting investors in sourcing promising rental investments by leveraging experience in the development space.

With ongoing residential and commercial development taking place around OR Tambo as well as Kempton Park’s affluent northern suburbs, Marais says opportunities to invest in well-priced new and existing properties abound. He does, however, advise potential buyers interested in Kempton Park’s older homes to request a copy of the approved plans from sellers before purchase.

“Council has been clamping down on approved plans in the area, which can cause issues for homeowners,” says Marais. “A lot of plans have been lost over the years, so I always recommend sellers double check these details when planning their sale, as they are obligated to provide approved plans to potential buyers on request.”

Lucky for Rawson Properties Kempton Park clients, this is one of the many services Marais plans to offer as part of his one-stop-shop concept.

“We’re here to advise and guide our clients throughout their property journey” he says. “A big part of that is proactively preventing potential issues like missing plans. We have a lot of experience in these areas from our development days, and we’re looking forward to putting that into practice for our Rawson clients.

For more information on properties in Kempton Park, or to request a complementary valuation, contact Rawson Properties Kempton Park on 011 391 0363.


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