8 great tips for a staycation


Article 1 (4).jpgWhoever said that you need to leave town or spend a fortune for some well-deserved R&R? Here are eight ways you can live your best, in your own backyard.  
Explore a new neighbourhood
South Africa is continuously growing with new neighbourhoods popping up everywhere and old ones becoming popular again. So, be a tourist for a day and explore an area that you’ve never seen or haven’t been to for ages. Do some research beforehand to find out what makes that neighbourhood so special, and visit one of the recommended spots – be it a museum, coffee shop or theatre. 
Take a holiday from technology 
One of the best tips for a staycation is to remove all those reminders of work and time – like your cell phone, laptop, tablet, diary – so that you can actually switch off during your vacation, even if you’re not going anywhere. 
If you can’t live without these for your entire staycation, then block out an hour, a day or a week during your holiday where you pop these into your bottom drawer and forget about it. Alternatively, commit to taking a break from social media and, even TV, for a few days. You’ll be surprised at how free and relaxed you’ll feel without the burdens of being reachable 24/7. 
Have your own spa day
Visiting a spa for a day can come at a heavy price. Instead pick up a few masks, body scrubs, nailpolishes and other pamper treats from your nearest beauty retailer. Call the girls over or have some fun with your kids – without having to worry about the bill at the end of the day. Plus, who doesn’t love to hang around the home all day with your robe on? 
Alternatively, if you really want to treat yourself, then search the spas around your home for any specials they may have – it’s not uncommon to pick up a bargain. #TreatYoSelf 
Bring a destination home for dinner
Dreaming of a visit to Mexico? Then, order tacos from your nearest Mexican restaurant, pick up a few faux moustaches from a party shop and let the fiesta begin at home. Can’t get to Paris? Pick up a French baguette and some deliciously exotic cheeses, and let the French music play in the background while you and your family have a picnic in your lounge. Why not try a different destination every night and have a trip around the world without leaving your home. 
Do some armchair traveling 
Just because you’re staying home for the holidays, doesn’t mean you can’t take a trip to a far off land – with a willing imagination and a few good books, anything is possible. Pick up a few travel guides, magazines or a novel, set somewhere exotic, from the bookstore or library and let your mind run wild. Conde Naste Traveller magazine, Getaway magazine, and most of Bill Bryson’s books comes highly recommend.
Have your own film festival 
There are few things as fun as lazing in your PJs all day, watching movies and snacking on delicious nibbles. So, choose a genre or theme of the type of movies you want to watch (think: romantic comedies, James Bond, Road-Trip, Oscars 2017) and line up the best ones on Netflix or Showmax, or check your nearest DVD store to see if they are available. All that is needed is low lights, a comfortable couch and popcorn. 
Visit museums or art galleries 
When last have you been to your favourite museum or art gallery? When last have you visited one that you’ve never been to before? A staycation is a perfect time to catch up on culture. Research beforehand to see if there are any new, interesting or bizarre museums or galleries located near you, and set a day aside to explore them with your family. South Africa has an abundance of wonderful institutions worth visiting.  
Finish those family projects
So, you started building your kids’ tree house at the beginning of the year, and it’s nowhere near being finished… Or perhaps you promised your child that you would redecorate their room or your partner to finally sort out the study? A staycation is the perfect time to (finally) finish off those projects. Not only can you use it as  family bonding time, but you can also end your holiday knowing that not all of it was used lazing in front of the TV. 


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